Shopify Point of Sales software comes equipped with all the features you need for running a modern retail store! You can sell anywhere, accept any payment, and successfully grow your ecommerce business!
Shopify proudly presents to you the best POS or Point of Sales software for ecommerce businesses and online retailers.
The Shopify POS app offers retailers with all they need to run and manage their online stores and powerful ecommerce capabilities to grow their business beyond the borders.
Ecommerce solution Shopify makes it super easy for customers to ring up orders and sales on an iPad or another smart device, whether they are at the store or on-the-go. The products can be added and customized by management or employees. Through the management app and its interface, Shopify offers management tools to ensure smooth operations, as well as, the growth of your business. Shopify Point of Sales software is suitable for retailers who sell online.


Shopify POS system comes with all the features you need to run your ecommerce business:
Product orders: Whether places online, in-store or from a mobile device, the orders are synced (automatically) through the Shopify platform. The Shopify POS software makes it super easy for you to manage orders from your iPhone, computer or in-store iPad. You can check transaction history, refund an item, print receipts, and more anywhere and anytime.
Manage your daily cash flow: You can use the register feature to track daily cash glow. It is super easy to monitor the cash register changes and staff adjustments. You can also manage the float from your POS system, keep track of totals for all payments, and much more.
Track your sales & growth: Shopify offers you another great feature – Shopify Reports which allow you to track customers, sales, and payments made in-store and online. You can see exactly which products are selling and which products aren’t popular. Detail Analytics allows you to understand how your sales change month-to-month and help you make the smartest choices to expand your business.
Manage staff accounts: You can create multiple staff accounts for easy and quick switching between employees at the register (each staff account has a secure pin code). All product orders, as well as, register activity is recorded under the account and the name of the staff member, making it super easy to review account history and register activity.
Hundreds of apps to expand your business: Shopify Point of Sales Software is the first POS to offer apps that help you improve store performance and manage every aspect of your ecommerce business. If you want to take a look at it, and see how does it work, click on https:/


There are plenty of ways and options to accept online payments from your customers:

1. Accept Credit, Debit, Cash, and More: Shopify Point of Sales Software makes it super easy for you to take cash, swipe credit or debit cards, and more. You can create custom payment methods to accept IOUs, cheques, and other payments made with external devices .

2. No Merchant Account Required: The Shopify Payments account can be set up in a matter of minutes, allowing you to accept credit cards and approve transactions through Shopify.

3. Partial Payments & Split Tenders: The checkout system allows you to accept partial payments, split tenders between more payment types, and record deposits.

4. Synchronize your retail store & online store: When using Shopify POS to sell in your in-store location, all your customers, products, and orders are automatically synced with your ecommerce store.

Expand your presence, sell your products, and accept payments on any device, only with Shopify Point of Sales software!